Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sherlock (Season One)

Title: Sherlock
Genre: Crime/Drama
Number of Episodes: 3 (Each 90 Minutes long)

I just finished 'Sherlock' the other night and my heart is still pounding! I can't seem to shake the last episode (or the first two for that matter) out of my head. It's definitely a show worth watching if you like action and mystery even with the short length of the first season. The ending left me with the need to pace up and down my dorm hall and muttering to myself on how awesome it was and how it was cruel of them not to have season two out the minute I had finished season one.

'Sherlock' is a modern day take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyles 'Sherlock Holmes' which I am sure most people are familiar with. The original books take place in an older England from what I understand being new to the Sherlock Holmes fever and all. The use of modern technology is brilliantly done and the script itself is oozing with humor and wit. If you are a mystery fan I would give this show a shot.

Sherlock Trailer

Final Grade: 10 out of 10

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